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Dennis has over 40 years experience in divorce and family law matters.


Dennis was named " A Best Lawyer In Minnesota", by Minnesota Monthly magazine.


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Korman Law Office is home to one of the area’s best divorce lawyers. For over four decades, Dennis has been helping local families in Cloquet, MN. smoothly resolve legal matters by providing thorough and compassionate legal services. From divorce mediation to custody battles, our firm is behind you every step of the way. Whether its divorce or family law matters, we can help.


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Having an experienced divorce lawyer in your corner means that you have a professional who can offer objective, fact- and experience-based advice regarding your divorce. A good divorce and  family law attorney can help you avoid going for a quick resolution that leaves you at a long-term financial or parenting disadvantage.


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When you need a neutral party, schedule with us. We have over 40 years of experience helping couples resolve their legal matters. It’s time to make clear decisions and we will help.

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Not just divorce lawyers, Korman Law Office specializes in family law. Dennis Korman was voted a best family lawyer in Minnesota for a reason.

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Frequent questions we receive...

Traditionally, the only way to get a divorce was to prove that your spouse had done something that was officially recognized as a justification for divorce. In other words, your spouse had to be at fault in breaking up the marriage.

The most common reasons were adultery, spouse abuse, being sentenced to prison for a felony, and insanity. This made it difficult to get a divorce, and a lot of time, effort, and money was spent proving that the other party was at fault. All states and the District of Columbia have passed no-fault divorce laws to allow a divorce simply because at least one of the parties no longer wishes to be married.

If you don’t know the whereabouts of your spouse, you may still get a divorce. You will need to take certain steps to attempt to locate your spouse, and to notify him or her that you have filed for divorce.

Typically, attempting to locate your spouse will involve things like checking the telephone listing where you live and where your spouse is last known to have lived, asking friends and relatives if they know where your spouse might be, checking with the post office where he or she last lived to see if there is a forwarding address, checking property records to see if he or she owns property, checking with state records for driver’s license or vehicle registrations, and checking with the last known employer or landlord.

If you still can’t locate your spouse, there is a procedure called service by publication, in which you obtain the court’s permission to publish a notice of the divorce in a newspaper.

Once this is done, you may proceed with the divorce or legal separation.    

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